The often neglected middle zone…

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Anyone who has been in for treatment knows how nasty the adductors can feel… but also has reaped the reward of a more stable and mobile squat. It’s that gross back and inside of the thigh area that I treat when you ask for hamstring work and then go “OMG what is that????!”. Or if you have been so lucky, they are also found right near the insertion of your psoas. What fun.

Kelly Starrett has posted yet another great do it yourself video to help you deal with this often uncharted territory: Mobility WOD. I dare you to give it a try but suggest that you proceed with caution if this region has been mostly neglected on you, and/or injured in the past. Anyone who has suffered from a groin injury will likely find that the tendon insertions in the pelvis will be burny or sharp. Make sure that you stay engaged through your midline as you do this but maintain a nice deep breathing pattern. NO HOLDING YOUR BREATH while squeaking/crying/laughing about how much it hurts. You have to breath. Again, if you want me to do a quick test for adductor length ask me between classes.

I have also found sitting on the lacrosse ball while at a computer really helpful. It’s good for trying to separate the hamstrings from the adductors as well as getting up high into those tendons at the pelvis.

No short shorts for public stretch sessions please 🙂