The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

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“There are hunters and there are gatherers. Your a gatherer. Don’t worry about it”. This was part of a conversation shared between two friends of mine in regards to one of them struggling with injuries. Luckily both of these fellas have a good sense of humor. This made me think that most of us (given the choice) would like to be hunters. In fact, I like to think this is part of the reason you find yourself at CrossFit; some primal urge to leave the cave and go work hard for something. Good on you, you’re swimming against the current but going the right way. It seems to me the further we get away from the cave the more we want the easiest life possible. We value jobs free of physical effort and the elements, feel entitled to tasty treats everyday, and have this sense of entitlement backed up by TV commercials, the internet, and our friends. Yet when we actually grind it out and work physically hard for something you get something you can’t from all those thing associated with the easy life. I think this is because we’re meant to work hard and be challenged; it makes us happy beasts. Mark Rippetoe said: “A weak man is not as happy as the same man would be if he were stong”. This is not to say that we need to ditch all the luxuries our lives afford us (or even feel bad for them), we just need to make sure we the good life doesn’t make us soft.

This is a clip from a recent episode of The Current (CBC). Scroll down to August 3rd Pt. 2. The discussion is on the idea of the modern hunter gatherer and features Loren Cordain (author of the Paleo Diet).