The Great Feast

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On March 9th at 6PM we’re going to host a feast at the gym, think meat, one long table that seats 60, meat, dim lighting, meat, some veggies (I think), and lots of meat. Here’s the deal:

-we’re capping it at 60 people
-cost is $20/person (this pays for meat)
-you also need to bring a side to share. Cliff has suggested that you look here for ideas:
-sweet goblets are cool, full medieval attire: not so cool (but you could… weirdo)

sign up:
-pay a coach and WE’LL add you to the list (clever eh? I’m learning)
-deadline is March 4th 9PM or as long as seats last

Cliff will play the roll of the Dwarf standing in front of the hearth. I’m be the one that’s just mouthing the words but not actually singing.


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