The Food Blog is up!

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Look up! It’s at the top of this page!

Speaking of up…. I wandered over to the base of the chief this morning to check for snow on the trail and found that there are only 7 bags of sand left to go up the trail…. some other people have certainly put us to shame as I don’t think we took credit for very many of the original 40-50. Anyone up for taking a few of the last up? As it stands our party will have a bowl of smarties and a 2L of coca cola. Bring your own cup.

This is them:


AND… anyone who is on the mobility challenge needs to know the new rule of the game (yes we adapt as we go): You get credit for whichever mWOD has been posted most recently whenever it is that you go to do it… meaning, if he hasn’t posted a new one yet… do yesterday’s again and you will get credit.


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