The Evolution of Programming and Schedule at CFSQ!

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We like change!  Change to us mean learning, evolving and adapting our environment.  We are very attentive to details, data collection and patterns.  Without change a system risks becoming stagnant, outdated and inefficient; and potentially unable to meet the needs of the community.

  1. PROGRAMMING:  Those of you who have been in class this week have had a taste of the new layout and format of programming on the CrossFit side.  It looks a little different on the white board and that takes some getting used to, but you should find that it streamlines your daily plan much more quickly.  We understand that everyone’s goals are different.  Some of you want to compete for CrossFit, some of you are happy just to get out of your other routines and get a sweat on.  Most of you fit somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.  The concept of a daily “Rx” workout in CrossFit was designed to push the more experienced athlete at the upper end of load capacities.  The concept of scaling allows all other athletes to meet their daily needs.  As you all know there is a massive range of what that might look like and the reality is that the majority of people do not Rx most things on most days anymore as the upper level CrossFit athlete becomes a total beast.  This can become frustrating for the everyday athlete solely based on the labels Rx and Scaled.


  • Show up, take a look at the daily programming . SQ101, SQ102 and SQ103 are all variations of the same programming written out for you on the whiteboard.
  • Determine which of the 3 variations best suits you on that given day, considering things like: goals, energy level that day, specific movements prescribed (eg, muscle ups vs. chest to bar pull-ups vs. regular pull-up variations) and time available to you.
  • Modify your variation as needed and within reason (there comes a point in which another variation might be a better fit that day)


  • A game of random mix and match of all the things you think you like out of each variation, and leaving out the things you don’t care for so much 😉
  • A commitment to either SQ101, 102 or 103 every day that you train
  • A reason to no longer discuss with us mods or variations that suit you specifically considering things like injury, goals, etc.  We can always discuss best fit for you.

(Example of a lifting day)


  • SQ101– This is a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) plan. This programming is free of movements where the technical nature impedes and athlete’s intensity, or limits an athletes capacity to elicit an appropriate training response. Loads are like they used to be 7-10 years ago in CrossFit and the focus is on useful/practical movements and ranges of motion. This programming does not require known or stable maxes of lifts to calculate percentages from.
  • SQ102– This programming still focuses on GPP as it’s primary goal and also includes movements more demanding of range of motion and technical prowess. It also might require a knowledge of established and reliable max lifts in the case of percentage work.
  • SQ103– This programming is focused for those interested in the sport of CrossFit. It is the most demanding of technical skill. The loads used in workouts are heavier, and movements are utilized that don’t show up in SQ101 or SQ102 (ie. Butterfly Pull-ups, Handstand Walks, strict gymnastic movements, etc). These sessions are also longer in duration and include an extra training day each week.

Be open minded and honest with yourself about your goals and skills.  We believe there is a plan in there for everyone!



Starting this week the schedule looks a little different on Mindbody, BUT it’s not as different as it might initially seem.  Each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday there is a 6am class and then a 9:15am class.  From 7am-9:15am it is PL/Oly/Open gym meaning those on their set program will be training and the gym is still open for others on our regular CrossFit programming to come in and do the daily workout.  There will be a coach to guide you through but you won’t be in a set class meaning you may have an opportunity to pair up with others on the same timing as you or you may be solo.  Either way you will receive coaching.  In the afternoon there will be 4:30pm and 5:30pm classes and then PL/Oly/Open Gym from 6:30-8:30pm (7:30pm finish on Fridays).  The same thing applies as in the morning.  If you are on the CrossFit programming and need to show up after 6:30pm you are welcome to and will have guidance and coaching but won’t be in a set class. Thursday evening and Sunday morning will continue to have PL/Oly/Open Gym.  Saturday the class schedule is 7am, 8am and 9am.  Please note, that Open Gym on regular programming days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) is set for completing the daily CrossFit workout and not a total free for all 🙂  Check in with the coach on arrival and we’ll make sure you are set up well for the day.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 1.20.39 PM

We believe that this will make classes more condensed and fun, allow us to disperse our coaching more effectively between both sides of the gym, and still allow for flexibility in arrival time at the gym. I have shuffled anyone who was in a class that is now gone into the corresponding Open Gym time.  Please just double check your schedules as some things may have been mixed up in my tinkering 🙂

Let us know if you have questions or concerns!  Embrace the change 😉 We are always striving for a better training environment for you!

Heather & Jesse