The CrossFit Open 2017!!!!

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It’s that time again!!

The CrossFit Open starts in 3 weeks exactly! Here is what you need to know if you are new to the scene:

* The CrossFit Open is an online competition (but more like participation activity for most people!) that runs for 5 weeks. It is the first (and for most people the only step) towards the CrossFit Games that are held in the summer. Its a pretty amazing concept to be able to do the same workouts as the men, women and teams that will ultimately compete at the world Games.

* Last year at CrossFit Squamish we had over 40 participants!

* The workouts are released on the CrossFit Games site each Thursday evening and all participants have until the end of the weekend to complete their workout (judged by a registered judge) and submit their score online.

* There is an Rx division and a scaled division. Each participant can choose which division they are in each week and do not have to commit to one division for the entire series of workouts.

* At CrossFit Squamish we gather all participants together on Friday evenings and run heats of the workout. Its really really fun and inclusive and unless you’ve seen it in action you can’t imagine how fun and supportive it is.

* No CrossFitter is too new to participate. If anything its a great introduction to the concept of “competition” and gives you something to compare to in following more experienced years.

* Like last year we will divide all participants into in house teams (for no other reason than its fun!). We will do 4 teams instead of 3 this year and have a slightly new and different plan for this!

* If you are unsure if this is for you talk to any coach or anyone who has participated in the past.

* To sign up go to and register yourself. Once you have done that make sure to add yourself to the CrossFit Squamish “team” (this is not the same as the i house teams but does attach you to our gym as a participant 🙂

Watch this to get pumped!!