“The Constantin Cannonball”

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Last weekend Cory played in an East versus West football invitational in Vancouver. The West cleaned up 21-14, and Cory was the West’s most valuable running rack. Check out the picture of him on Canadian Football Chat (palm-face, such a classic). Cory started training with us in January of 2010, showing up at around 200# (though he would claim he was 185#) with a 1RM Bench Press of 155#, no Squat, and a 5.7/40Y. Through the fall he played Football 5-6 days a week on two different teams and as of late his numbers look like this:

BWT: 215#
1RM Bench: 255# and climbing… Fast
185# max rep Bench: 15
Back Squat: 365#
Front Squat: 285#
Max Height Box Jump: 44-1/4″ at a height of 5′-6″
Broad Jump: 96″
40Y: 4.9 and descending

Every month that goes by sees his lifts going up and his times going down. This means bad things for the players of the opposition. It’s not uncommon to get a text from Cory after a game about a kid that got in his way and woke up on the sidelines. With only one game left this spring, Cory will be joining classes for a little group training. He’s as friendly as he looks. Just not on the field.

Cheers to anyone who grinds it out for their bests, day in day out.


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