The Chief

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Last night Krista and I went up the Chief to take pictures of the start and stop spots if you want to put your name on the leader board at any time. We ran into Jamie at the bottom who was on the same mission!

Here is where you start your watch…

IMG_2336 For anyone who hasn’t gone up the Chief before, this is at the end of the long flat path from the parking lot, and is the first obvious place that you have to take a big step up!

To go on the leader board, record your time to the top of the first peak (for those who haven’t done this, follow the signs, but essentially stay left at the forks). The official “top” of the first peak for our purpose is a cracked rounded top looking section of rock…well…at the top.

IMG_2340 Stop your watch when you get to this rock. Just let us know your time and we’ll put it on the board if it’s top 5. And for once we don’t care about your technique. You can bolt up the path like a crazy animal for all we care. If you don’t want to stop and check out the amazing view then keep your watch running and record your total up/down time.

Have fun!