The 2015 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Squamish

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We’re now just over a week out from the 2015 Open. Here’s what you need to know:

1. It’s going to be super fun and a great experience. If you’re thinking about competing in 2015 this is a really great way to test the waters. Register at ($20).

2. We are working hard to make Fridays, for the next 5 weeks, as awesome as they were last year!

3. Fridays workouts for all classes starting Feb. 27th will be the Opens workout for that week.

4. Every Friday night (for those officially registered) we’ll run heats competition style starting at 6:45pm. As the weeks go on heats will be structured by your placing. This will allow you to be in heats with people around your same level.

5. Because we have 30+ people competing: from Feb. 27th to the end of March the regular class schedule will be 6AM-7AM-4:30PM-5:30PM followed by competitors at 6:45pm. If you are unable to make any of those class times there is always Thursday night Open gym as an option.

6. If you’re competing in the Open you need to be judged by a registered judge. If you can’t make the 6:45 time on Friday night for any week please let us know ahead of time as a judge will need to be organized for you.  Showing up to a regular class time may not ensure that you have a judge available and it is preferable if the coach teaching doesn’t have to be tied up judging.

7. If you’re not competing but would really like to participate we are always looking for great judges. Priority will go to those who have done the online judges course.   Regardless of being an active judge or not I would strongly encourage you to do the course. It’s $10 and takes about 2 hours. “Become a student of your sport” -Shane Sweatt.

8. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to sign up or not here is something to consider: You will be doing the workouts anyways and it’s a looooooong 5 weeks if you suddenly wish you could play along online.  The Friday nights are seriously fun and a great way to introduce yourself to the competition environment in a really low stress way.  Once you register make sure to sign up for our “team” as CrossFit Squamish.  Here is everyone who is registered for the team so far:


– Jesse & Heather