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I was just saying to Jesse in the car this morning on the way up to Whistler that the thing I really like about Thanksgiving is that it’s not as commercial as the other holidays. It’s about food and hanging out with friends and family, and not about gifts. We went out for breakfast and just as we were sitting down to eat we got an email from Jesse’s sister Nas.

Most of you know (or at least some of your who train at our gym do) that Jesse’s sister Tavia (who’s 27) doesn’t have any legs (or vision, or really any speech… though she has arms that could take most of you down and a personality that can take over the room). It’s a long story if you don’t already know it, but the point is that today Tavia completed her first 10km race in the BMO Kelowna Half/10km run. Jesse’s other sister Nas (the one at the top of our women’s pullups leaderboard) pushed her in her wheel chair. They finished in 59 minutes. That seems really fast to me. Jesse wasn’t so much in disbelief that Nas had actually done this, but rather that the chair that has wheels on the front that resemble shopping cart wheels, had made it in one piece. Nas thinks they could have been a little faster if they hadn’t been fighting such an aggressive speed wobble. On top of that they had to do the last 100 metres of the race with Tavia tipped up on the back two wheels because it was a board walk. It also sounds like Tavia was high fiving people during the race… and even knew some of them.

At the finish line she got her medal and her water.

Happy Thanksgiving. Spend time appreciating your friends and family 🙂


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