Test of Metal Wrap up

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Some of you may have noticed that Sam the Axe man has moved to the casino. What you may not have know is: In honour of the 15th year of the Test of Metal Squamish has decided to erect a statue of Cliff. If you haven’t seen it yet we got a photo of it today.

Cliff 3

This weekend we had 7 of our athletes competing in the Test of Metal, and many others helping out as volunteers. Both Heather and myself are very proud of the people who train with us. You’re a solid group, with good spirit. As volunteers we found ourselves waiting at the finish line (which is a little more stressful then our regular set up). I think we both like it much more when we can stand there beside you and do our job. Sending you out, and just having to wait sucks.

Good on all who participated in one way or another this weekend, notably Cliff (commander and chief of the whole operation). But the knuckle bump has to go out to those who stepped up to the plate and competed. Putting it out there in competition is always very tough no matter who you are, and we have nothing but praise for anyone who won’t back down from a challenge. Congrats to: Shannon, Renee, Mandy, Goose, Brad DV, Brad W, Paul, and Jon. All of them fought for there place like champions.

Jesse and Heather

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