Test of Metal Taper Week

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For those of you who are racing this coming weekend, this is the taper that the racers I’ve been working with will be using. I thought that I’d put it out there for those who are interested:

Monday: CrossFit

Tuesday: Rest Day; focus on good nutrition, water, quality of sleep, and stretching (twice daily)

Wednesday: 30min ride undulating terrain, minimal elevation gain and loss (this could be done on the road), this ride is meant to prep, not to be pinned (that’s for the weekend). Ride at 80% perceived effort. Warm up for the ride the same way you plan to this weekend. If you know what your taking for food this weekend, eat it 5mins into this ride.

Thursday: Rest Day; focus on good nutrition, water, quality of sleep (tonight it’s important), and stretching (twice daily); If you use massage, today or tomorrow is when you should get it.

Friday: On the bike: 5min warm up, 10min race pace, 5min cool down; followed by stretching.

Saturday: Go time.

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