Taranis Winter Challenge and Gym Closure

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Next Friday-Sunday is the Taranis Winter Challenge at CrossFit Taranis in Victoria. Our team of Mel, Matt, Slater and Jenn will be representing us, with Jesse and I as the spares (they’re screwed if I have to use my useless running legs). Because so much of the CrossFit community is involved in the weekend, and Mike is unavailable, we are going to have to close the gym Friday night and Saturday morning. We have added an extra morning class Friday morning and will bump the capacity of each class to 12 to offset the loss of the 3 evening classes. On Saturday there will be a workout posted on the blog for you to do on your own… (not the Chief 😉 )

Sorry for the inconvenience of having to cancel those classes, we did everything we could to try to keep them there.

Make sure you say good luck to our team before we go. They are a great combo, have been working together really well and rising to the challenge in the workouts they have had to do for seeding.

Jesse and I are stoked to have them represent us 😉

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