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As most of you know by now, we are hosting the 24 Hour Row as a fundraiser for Right To Play. Over the last couple of days as we have tried to “trick” some of you into joining teams that need a person… we have frequently heard “I will pay $____ to NOT have to row for 24 hours”. A few of you have also asked how you can donate because you can’t make it this weekend. Here is how…. click on this link to Quest University Right to Play Club’s website and click on the “donate to the event” button on the right. The rest is obvious from there. Right to Play’s website also has some great photos in the gallery that tell a lot about what they are up to.

If you have a spare minute somewhere in the 24 hours that we will be up there, stop by and say hi… the weirder the hour, the more interesting you will probably find the whole thing. We will be up at Quest, from 9am to 9am, in the multipurpose room which is downstairs from the cafeteria. There is underground parking just before you go into the roundabout at the very top of the hill (highest point at Quest). Don’t park in the roundabout or you will be towed! There will be some small and “practical” silent auction items so bring some cash if you want.

You might also find some of your lost and found items from the gym for sale…. anyone recognize and of these items? ANYONE??


And finally, I just want to let some of you know that I will be away from Jan 22-29th so the Massage Therapy clinic will be closed in that time (I know a few of you were planning on coming in soon so I thought I’d better give you a heads up!)

See you this weekend… come visit us… please?


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