Sunday Sept. 26th 2010

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If you haven’t seen this yet, here’s the current information on the CrossFit/Strongman event coming up November 6th at Rainier CrossFit (just outside of Seattle).

The Events:

Event 1: 1RM Deadlift (with an Ironmind Axle). It will start out with a base weight for each weight class. The weight on the bar will go up in 20lb jumps to a certain weight, then go up in 10lb jumps. Max three attempts.

Event 2: 2 rounds for time. A short run (less than 200m), 5 stone loads to a 50″ platform (1 stone loaded 5 times), 1-2 trips up a 16 foot rope.

Evrnt 3: 3 rounds for time. 7 Log Press (Shoulder Press, Push Press, or Push Jerks) followed by 21 Double Unders.

Event 4: Keg carry/farmers walk medley.

Weight classes:


Under 175#


Under 120

Important Notes:

Entrance fee will be $50-75/person, with the event being a fundraiser for Fragile X.

All weights are TBD, but I will post them as soon as I can.

Scaling will be allowed on all the workouts.

There will also be a prize for the top team (consisting of 2 women and 2 men) determined by the teams placing in the individual events and a prize for the top couple.

The contest will be drug tested. The winner will be tested in each weight class. The test used (as recommended by The National Center for Drug Free Sport who we consulted with on this- is a screen for cocaine, stimulants, depressants, cannibis and PCP. There will also be a test for anabolic steroids and their masking agents.

As of now our team is 10 strong, and the beginning of a really sweet weekend is underway. The drive is 4 hours (if the border crossing is light), the hotel is 1km away from the event, WODs can be scaled, and if you’re worried about having never done a bunch of the movements, you’re just like everyone else from the gym, myself included and we’re going to figure it out. So if you’re keen (because that’s all that really matters) here’s what you have to do:

Sign up on the sheet near the front door by Friday Oct. 1st.


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