Sunday Sept. 19th 2010

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Question: It’s Sept. 20th 2010 and your driving to CrossFit Squamish from the Highlands. Suddenly you get pulled over for doing 110km/hr on the Highway. What happens next?

Answer: If you said you get a little blue ticket for $386.00 then carry on to CrossFit you would be wrong. As of tomorrow if your caught doing 40km/hr or more over the speed limit your car is getting a time out (7 days to be exact), and you pay the towing and impound charges. Do it again and it gets worse. Here’s the link.

Also as most of you are aware the Drinking and Driving laws also change tomorrow. Check out “BC to Toughen Impaired Driving Penalties”

Want to get a more personal Idea of what this means for you: Blood Alcohol Calculator

In any case, Keep your head on a swivel and be smart or you’ll be riding the “Furry Tractor” to work.


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