Sunday Pep Talk!

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I hope you guys are all outside today… it’s amazing! Although the mornings are right around freezing, and they were saying on the news this morning that the roads were pretty icy. It reminded me of last winter driving to the early morning classes and sliding through several stop signs…. heads up, it’s that time of year now.

I just wanted to touch on a couple of different topics this morning, based on conversations that I have had with many different people this week. I really enjoy observing patterns with my job(s).

1. It seems like there are a few of you that are curious about the Strongman Competition but are too nervous to commit. I won’t lie to you, I was too. And now I’ve just put my competitive tendencies aside and have decided that it’s just a pretty fun random thing to do (ok, actually Jesse has pressured me to do it for which I am now glad, and now I will pass along the pressure to you… right Jenn and Mel?). It’s a fundraiser, and there are a ton of us going now so it should be really fun. Besides, like Mel and I discussed, if we come last and second last nobody is going to look at us an wonder what happened. It’s only going to be as serious as we make it…. and based on the people going so far… it’s not going to be overly serious. Think of it like sports day, with slightly different toys than usual…
Talk to us if you have any questions.

2. Many of you have been putting a ton of effort into stretching and mobility and seeking out treatments to deal with your tweaks and old injuries… congrats to you guys, your efforts are impressive. But what I have been hearing quite a bit lately is that some of you feel like you were getting better and now you’ve plateaued or are having flare-ups. Don’t get stressed out about it… there are a lot of different factors at work from micro to macro scale. Here are a few things that you should consider:

– Are your mechanics sound? In the gym and outside the gym (like at your desk with your computer)

– Have your eating patterns changed with the change in seasons and less fruits and veggies available? This time of year takes a little more effort, especially as warm comforting foods (and wine) start to become more appealing. The comforting foods tend to promote inflammation… unless you are comforted by asparagus.

– Are you upping your loads on certain movements the minute your shoulder or knee feels better? Don’t forget that your body is still working away at healing things even after pain goes away, this is one of the most likely times for re-injury. People also have the tendency to want to “test” the area to see if it really is better. The classic one I hear lately is “I am going to run for the first couple of rounds and when my knee/hip/ankle starts to hurt I will switch to rowing”…. Does this really sound like a smart plan? There is a time for testing the area, but it’s usually a little later than your would like it to be. If we put a stop to something you are doing, it’s because we know better 😉

– How long have you actually been stretching regularly? Remember how long it took when you started CrossFit to feel like there was significant change in your movements and work capacities?

– Are you fighting a cold or are your kids coming home from school with snotty noses? Because we are generally quite healthy we are able to fight off a lot of viruses that often take people out… but don’t underestimate how hard your body might be working to fight whatever it is, especially if you have kids who are exposed to a lot. Your body can only fight so many things at a time so injuries and achy spots tend to flare up when you are fighting something. Same goes for being under-rested. This time of year is quite busy with new routines.

– Do you have your period? Many women have noticed that their injuries tend to flare up during this time. It might be worth recording to see if there is a pattern for you.

– I have noticed in the last 4 years of practice as an RMT that there are certain patients that I ONLY see during October and November when the weather changes. This is a common time for arthritic type pain to flare up.

The long and short of this is that your efforts in your mobility are amazing; Jesse and I are so impressed with the amount of time that you guys spend working on your crappy spots, and that you ask lots of questions about how to go about this. Keep it up. Just don’t forget that the wods and the mobility work are still just a little piece of the puzzle for optimum health and function.

Keep asking lots of questions.. We love engaged you guys are becoming in your bodies!


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