Rainier’s Strongest Man & Woman Wrap-Up 2010

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There are far too many great stories to tell from this weekend and the photos will follow as soon as. Here’s the link to Rainiers photos. Overall:

-Great weekend, great WODs (stones are bad*ss, ask anyone)
-Amazing hosts and venue (Rainier CrossFit is a solid group of people, especially Lori and Kurtis)
-Good cause (Fragile X)
-Very cool to get out of the gym and/or country with you all and hang out (we should do this part again)

Congrats to:

Matt, Mel, Kellie, Cathy, JF, Onur, Jamie, Andrew, Mike, and Heather on willingly (for the most part) stepping up to the challenge of learning some very unfamiliar tasks in a short period of time and competing. Five weeks ago we didn’t have a rope, 4 weeks ago we got axle bars, 2 weeks ago we got a log, somewhere along the line we came up with a farmers carry system (though, not even close to the weight in WOD 4), as for the stone work… well everyones first stone lifts was either Friday night or Saturday morning. Here’s what the WODs ended up looking like:

Weight Classes: Men >175,175-200, 200-225, <225 /Women >120, 120-140, 140-160, <160WOD 1: 1RM Deadlift (3 attempts with incremental jumps of 20#/10#)WOD 2: 10min time cap 2 rounds for time of: 200m Run 5 stone loads (Men: 175#-200#-200#-230#/ Women: 100#) Rope Climb (2/1)It was a surprise how uncomfortable the stone can make you feel. Matt, JF, and Andrew really ground it out with a BWT+ stone, and Mel’s lifts got better and better from 1st to last.

WOD 3: 5min time cap
3 rounds for time of:
7 Shoulders to Overhead (Men: 130#-140#-150#-160# Log/ Women: 83#-93#-103#-113# Axle)
21 Double Unders

All of us got beat up on this one, just in varying degrees. Onur dug deep on the log and realized he’s stronger than he thought.

WOD 4: 2min time cap
50′ Sprint
50′ Farmers Carry (Men: 190#-210#-220#-250# per hand/ Women: 100#-120#-140#-160#)
50′ Sprint
50′ Sandbag Carry (Men: 180#-200#-220#-240#/ Women: 100#-100#-120#-140#)

Most times were around 30 seconds even though the loads were very heavy. Note the “per hand” on the Farmers Carry.

Here’s the Results

Extra thanks to Andrew who built a lot of the equipment so the rest of us practise, Cliff/Darleen who remained our steadfast support crew though out the day providing us with all you can eat BBQ, ice packs, equipment management, and stayed relativley unaffected by the $1 beers, as well as Lori and Kurtis Bowler + everyone at Rainier CrossFit for hosting such a great event the effort that goes into something like that is massive. Looking forward to some light days then back into the thick of it.

Heather and Jesse

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