Sunday, July 17th

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We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Kamloops for a wedding… it was raining there too. And everywhere in between.
Congrats to everyone who did the 10km course on Saturday. Definitely congrats to those of you who had never run that far before. Sounded like everyone felt pretty good for the most part.

Here are some updates and things to know for the week ahead:

1. We will put up a sheet on the message board in the gym for bison. If you are sharing a box with someone please make a note of it. If you are wanting half a box but don’t have anyone to split with yet, make a large note of that so others can see it!

2. This Thursday is the second last official Logger’s Sports practice. It’s not too late to come out if you haven’t yet. Jesse will also be down a the grounds a few different times in the next two weeks so get in touch with him if you want to make a different time work.

3. Gearjammer is this coming Saturday. Let us know if you decide to last minute register so we can come cheer you on.

4. KJ did amazingly well in her sprint tri at UBC this weekend so give her a high five if you see her 😉

5. Krista is STILL waiting…..

6. Stretch your calves. They’ll appreciate it.

Let’s get this week rollin’ and pretend it’s summer…..


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