Sunday July 10th 2011

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Congrats to both Karen and KJ on the Squamish Tri this weekend, both were all smiles from start to finish (give or take) and we were down at the gym within an hour of completing for a little Strength Recovery WOD. Nice work ladies.

Next Saturday we’ve gone to a 7am and a 8:30am class only. Why? Well as Bruce Buffer would say: “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s (for) time”.

for time: 10km

Pause. Let’s take the crazy thoughts and put them on the high shelf. Ok, so a couple of things:

1. We want you to be here and do this (notably if you have never done a 10km run before).
2. If you are not able bodied we want you to show up and we’ll modify for you (as we always do); but let us do the decision making 🙂
3. And just in case: we’ve already noted all the people who were signed in for Saturday before we cancelled the original classes…. well, I guess we would give you the same advice Chopper Read would (note: if you are sensitive to moderate profanity I would probably avoid the link, and just know you should show up).
4. Please sign in for 1 of the 2 class options.


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