Sunday, February (??) 21st, 2010

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The weather this week, coupled with all of the Olympic excitement, seems to have pulled most of us out of our winter slump. Its been really fun this week listening to everyone’s stories about the events they have been too. Canadian’s are much more patriotic than we give ourselves credit for.

Can’t help but to post a few more pictures of what’s been going on at the gym the last few days…



Just a final reminder that the gym is closed for the next two days (Mon-Tues), and programmed classes will run today, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with the next open gym on Sunday. Yoga will also resume next sunday!

Jesse will be teaching all classes from Wednesdays until next Monday and I will be back on the schedule next Tuesday bright and early. If anyone is looking to book a massage appointment for next week or beyond, I have set the program to skip the “request appointment” part, so when you choose a time it will automatically be yours and it will send you a confirmation email. I can also be reached by email while I’m gone.

Happy Sunday!

Heather & Jesse