Sunday August 22nd 2010

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Great job to all that joined in the team WOD yesterday morning. Every time stuff like this comes up you all get better and better at using each person’s strengths to your team’s advantage and push hard to get all the work done as fast and efficiently as possible. Most all the movements were executed pretty well. Though there were some shakey Turkish Get-ups and some of the Ground to Overhead variations were a little questionable. For those of you who missed out, this is how it went down:



A Line locator on the South flank of the fire has been stuck by a tree. He’s currently in stable condition with two other line locators (one has first aid experience and is managing the patient). Their equipment is limited and they are requesting assistance to extricate the injured worker. The following information has been relayed to you:

• Patient is slightly disoriented and complains about pain in mid back. Breathing is painful and labored, but effective. His partner has taken C-spine, and they are requesting a specialty crew to assist in the extracation.

• They estimate they’re about 300m up slope from the cat guard and have GPS coordinates.

Currently you’ve been working the west flank of the fire as a five pack not far from the accident site. Using the GPS coordinates you calculate your a little over a kilometer away. You’ve got the following with you:

• 2 chainsaws (25# plates)
• 1 combi can (fuel); (12Kg KB)
• 1 first aid pack (vest)
• personal equipment including 2 pulaskis (Sand Bars)

Given the urgency of the situation the request has been made for your crew to hike to the area and create access for a hoist extraction. The helicopter will deploy the appropriate equipment to you once you’re in the area and ready for it.


For time (In teams of 5):
Note: WOD must be completed in under an hour to be considered a successful mission

Part 1: The Approach

• 2x 25# plates (can only be carried under the arm or as a pinch grip)
• 1x12Kg KB
• 1x weight vest
• 2 Sand Bars

As a team (carrying the equipment listed above) complete:

800m run
300m walking lunge

Part 2: Establishing a Site

Bring the following equipment outside and set it up:

2- 20# medball (set up inside)
2- 14# medball (set up inside)
1- 135# bar
1- 95# bar
1- 75# bar
1- 55# bar
2- 24Kg KB
2- 16Kg KB
1- 12Kg KB
1- Tire (310#)
1- 90# Sled (with straps)
1- 70# Sled (with straps)

Part 3: Creating Access

Note: no person can do more than 10 consecutive reps of any one exercise

100 Lateral Wallball (20#/14#)
100 Floor to Overhead (75#/55#)
100 Deadlifts (135#/95#)
100 KB Swings (24Kg/16Kg)
100 Thrusters (75#/55#)
25 Turkish Get-ups (16Kg/12Kg)
25 Tire Flips (310#)
5 tire lifts and carries (3m)
5 sled pulls (90#/70#); 130m

*reps were scaled for smaller and larger teams

Alpha team: 53:46
Bravo team: 45:09
Charlie team: 44:39
Delta team: 42:39
Echo team: 50:26
Fox team: 54:16


Also: If your coming to the wedding let us know as soon as.

and… there’s still room for improvement on signing out of classes that you aren’t planning on attending.

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