Sunday Aug. 7th 2011: Car Analogy

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I once owned a 1978 AMC Pacer. Just to be clear (right from the start) I didn’t just happen upon this car, I searched for it. I had high hopes for the things I would do to it. This included dodge viper blue paint with old school white racing strips (keep in mind I was 16 years old; that said I still love that paint). One of the things my step dad told me when it came to the body was: “whoever paints has got to be good at what they do and really have a passion for the project, other wise you just won’t be happy with it”. Unfortunately the Pacer never got the paint. In my “career” as an athlete I’ve often tried to keep this in mind. It’s a very hard combination to find in anything. What I’ve learned upon the way is:

-you can find someone who is good at what they do and pay them for their services but you can’t buy passion.
-you can convince someone to help you but you can’t convince someone to feel passionate about the task or do a good job.
-IF you ever, ever cross the path of someone who is excellent at what they do and carries a passion for their tasks (and this is more than someone who has a similar interest ie. I like Pacers and you like Pacers) hang onto them because what you’ve found is very very rare.
-If you have learned all these things the hard way: Become what you seek for someone else.

Just some thoughts off the top of my head. I had a bit of time in transit to and from Campbell river this weekend:)


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