Summer Potluck (not a specific event… just a concept!)

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Last night we had some people over for a B.Y.O.M. BBQ and a salad bar potluck. My only instruction to the few that were coming over was to bring 1-3 “original” salad toppings. Over the course of the day Jesse invited a few more people over and gave the same instructions and we ended up with 11 people who hadn’t spoken with each other at all, and not a single duplicate salad topping. Unbelievable. It was super easy and so delicious. I highly recommend this idea. I think the key is requesting original toppings.

Our toppings included:
– avocado
– grilled zucchini
– blanched green beans
– shredded carrot
– shredded pear
– shredded radish
– prosciutto
– jicama with lime
– cucumber
– watermelon cubes
– strawberries
– slivered almonds
– artichoke hearts
– olives
– pea shoots
– tomatoes

Things we can’t believe didn’t show up:
– bacon
– dates
– shredded beets
– seeds of some sort

ah summer……