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The rope is up (big shout out to Andrew who volunteered his time to build the set up), stones are on route, the axle bars are completed, and a log is in the works. Here’s what is known about the events:

Sounds like the first event will start at around 10AM on Saturday (Nov. 6th) and the last event should wrap up by 5PM that afternoon.

Event 1: Axle bar Deadlift max

The event will be a 1 rep max Deadlift. We will start out with a base weight for each weight class. The weight on the bar will go up in 20lb jumps to a certain weight, then go up in 10lb jumps. You can take up to three attempts. The start weight will be determined the morning of by the lowest 1 rep max in each weight class to ensure everyone gets at least one good lift.

Event 2 (6min): 2 rounds for time of: Sprint – 5 x Stone Load – 1 or 2 Rope Climbs

The second event will be a short run (less than 200m), 5 stone loads to a 50″ platform (1 stone loaded 5 times), 1-2 trips up a 16 foot rope. You will go through this 2 rounds for time.

175 and under: 175# stone
176-200: 200# stone
201-225: 200# stone
226+: 230# stone

120 and under: 100# stone
121-140: 100# stone
141-160: 135# stone
161+: 155# stone

Event 3 (5min): 3 rounds for time of: 7 Log Press – 21 Double Unders

The Log Press can be Push Press or Push Jerks, followed by 21 Double Unders. The women will use an Ironmind Apollons Axle (2″ thick bar)

175 and under: 130# log
176-200: 140# log
201-225: 150# log
226+: 160# log

120 and under: 83# bar
121-140: 93# bar
141-160: 103# bar
161+: 113# bar

Event 4 (2min): Unannounced

The final event will be a keg carry/farmers walk medley. This one will be pretty heavy. Heavyweight guys will be using in the neighborhood of 250 lbs per hand for the farmers walk and 275 lbs for the keg carry. The weight will go down from there.

Very Important:

“The big thing I want to get across with the events is they will ALL be scalable. We have lighter stones, we’ll have options for the ropes, you can sub singles for double unders, etc. So if you’ve always wanted to try some of this stuff now is the time! Scaling will take you out of the running for a prize, but it will still be a blast.”
~Kurtis Bowler (CrossFit Rainier)

Heather and I will be running a specialty class Sunday nights at 6PM Oct. 17th, 24th, and 31st. This will be for competitors only and attendance is strongly recommended. The focus will be on the competition movements notably: Stone lifts, Log/Axle bar press, Keg and Farmers carry. The goal is to allow competitors the ability to train the competition movements twice a week (Sundays and Thursdays Open Gym). Between now and Oct. 17th for competitors we will be upscaling some of the WODs to bias the event movements.


My vote is to head down Friday early evening and come back on Sunday. This allows for a comfortable start Saturday morning and a good “recovery” that night. Cliff has mentioned he may be willing to drive his van with a capacity of 15 Strongmen/women (which should make it a reasonably fun trip). The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn Express (1km from event) and CrossFit Rainier will hopefully have a Strongman rate set up soon (talk to me before you book).

The entrance fee is $50US/person (pay us $55 cad and we’ll write them a check, and any left over from the exchange rate will go to fuel) and the registration form is on the front desk. Please have this filled out as soon as. Once all forms are in we’ll send them to Rainier (which means if your still fence sitting this is your last chance).

So stoked!


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