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When I first heard rumblings about the music I drafted up an evil plan, but then as the rumbling grew and “the demands to do something about this outrageous man (me) became louder and louder.” I had to re-evalutate the plan (as it’s more suited to dealing with one off cases). So before I’m attacked outside a church, poisoned, shot a bunch, clubbed, and then thrown in an icy river in Russia, let’s try to meet halfway (plus I’ll be honest, after 7 days a week for a year I’m slowly getting tired of my own music, Metallica excluded).

Like any good WOD there’s got to be an established range of motion.

Music Criteria:

*Must be on an iPod (sorry John none of those weirdo PC devices)
*The full meal deal would be two separate playlists: One that’s 60min of music suitable for warming up, skills, and lifting as well as a second thats a WOD playlist at least 20min long
*The Burger only would be either a warming up, skills, and lifting mix or a WOD playlist
*Absolutely no Nickelback, this reflects poorly on you as a person and is embarrassing for everyone plus the only way Chad will be allowed in the gym is if it’s for a sanctioned fight between the two of us
*With each song you add please ask yourself if others will appreciate it as much as you do (you don’t want to end up in my boat)
*avoid picking songs that have no discernible lyrics, are comprised of screaming, or have discernible but inappropriate lyrics (Lamb of God and Insane Clown Posse is great when your training on your own but you’ll feel awkward when the timing is poor for a certain verse or entire song, trust me)
*your name will be listed on the whiteboard as: Music Provided by ____________.

Let’s get it done. Bring your iPod and if nobody else has one it’s all you, otherwise I’ll use a careful system of selection to pick one.

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