So you’re done Foundations…now what? feeling confused??!

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There is a wave of people finishing Foundations this week…and they seem to be left wondering what happens next.

The next part is the easy part. The schedule is much less restrictive as you can sign up for any regular classes or open gym sessions. The class structure is the same for regular classes as it is for foundations. We still focus heavily on warm-up and skills but you will see a lot more variation in the workouts that we do and the “tools” we utilize. The reason that there are two different types of classes is because we program the workouts for optimum training results based on a 3-on 1-off, 2-on 1-off schedule. This provides a balance of adaptation to training and rest, and nicely fills a regular 7 day week (CrossFit mainsite programs 3-on 1-off all the time but we find this challenging because you are training on different days every week and its hard to make a routine). So what that means is that we are programming skills and workouts for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We recognize this schedule won’t work for everyone so Thursday and Sunday are “open gym” classes which are great for making up a workout from earlier in the block, or just coming in and working on something that needs a little extra attention. We are always there to help you in open gym, there just isn’t a set structure for those classes. My experience teaching this class in Whistler is that they were very productive and often little groups of people would end up doing the same workout together anyways. Your other option for open gym is just to come in and we can help you with some stretching. If you are not someone who can or wants to come in 5 days a week you are welcome to come any days that you want to but we would suggest trying to hit the programmed days for the structured stuff! You WILL still see results if you come less that 5 days a week, but we would suggest coming in at least 3 if you can as this will allow you to see greater changes and will keep you from being…ahem…sore…all the time!

As far as passes go.. your options are monthly unlimited, 3 month (cheaper), 6 month (even cheaper), or 1 year (a great deal if you can come up with the cash up front). There is also a drop in price and a 10 punch pass for those of you who don’t know how often you will come, but keep in mind that if you are coming 2 days a week it is cheaper to get the monthly unlimited. All the prices are on our Fees page of the website. You can pay online by clicking “buy” on the right hand side, and then “monthly memberships” directly underneath that, or you can just sign up for your class and pay us at the gym when you come in.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions!