Skills Day

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Thankfully complete with no injuries. It’s sort of what you would expect when you devote a day to the harder gymnastic movements with a group of full grown adults who have no/limited gymnastic experience. Jesse and I agree that yesterday was one of the most entertaining days we’ve had in the gym in a while. The top 3 moments for me in the morning classes were (in no particular order):

1. Watching a 3 person spotting team for a handstand…. what chance does that 3rd person really have of doing something appropriate with their help?
2. Trying to figure out why so many people were slapping themselves with the rubberbands in unfortunate places while getting out of the ring dip set up. The ice pack was heavily used.
3. Watching the 9:30 am girls go for “distance” rather than a “controlled vertical position” in the handstand walks. It was like watching a car accident.

Some people happened to be technically quite good at the handstand walks:

And some were just fast:

So fun.