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Does your foot look like this when your lifting?
You can safely assume that if you lift in runners, this is you. Grinding out 1RMs in running shoes is only slightly smarter than standing on a wobble board, and using the excuse of feeling like you’re not good enough to be in lifting shoes certainly has never stopped anyone from buying running shoes to run in. Is it a cost thing? then picture if you will:


Most people spend between $120-$160 on a pair of running shoes. These shoes are recommended to last between 3-6 months, but unless you’re running a bunch most people squeeze a year+ out of them (though they probably shouldn’t). A good pair of Weightlifting shoes runs you about $120 and will probably last most people their lifting career (mine are going strong on 3 years+). Even better than that is lifting shoes will also affect the longevity of your runners (as they will spare your running shoes from doing a job they really weren’t meant for). But if cost really is a concern consider a pair of Chuck Taylor knock offs (about $20 at Walmart).

“Ok I’m in. I’ll get a pair of shoes. But what should I get Chucks or Weightlifting shoes? and what’s the difference anyway?”

Chuck Taylors are the shoe of choice for many Powerlifters. They’re cheap, last quite a while, and have a flat, reasonably stable base. I find them my shoe of choice for the Back Squat, Bench, Deadlift and WODs like Angie, Annie, Christine, Cindy, CF Total, Diane, Fight Gone Bad, and the Filthy Fifty. Weightlifting shoes are a must for any level of Olympic Lifting (Snatch + Clean and Jerk) and have a very solid base of support provided by the raised wood heel. This heel also eases the ankle range of motion required to achieve a strong bottom position in an olympic squat. I prefer this shoe for Snatching, the Clean and Jerk, OH Squats, OH Pressing, and all variations of those lifts as well as WODs like Elizabeth, Erin, Fran, Grace, Isabel, Jackie, Karen, Mary, and Randy. As far as trying to pick one over the other it’s really your call. Talk to people, ask to try someones, search opinions on the internet, or just relent to an infatuation with absolute performance and get a pair of each. Hopefully this has been helpfully, and if you own a pair of shoes post your advice to comment.

All the shoes listed below are floating around the gym. The links below are the best place to get them. Keep in mind that shipping costs and shoes can be reasonable slow across the boarder.

Pendlay Weightlifting Shoes ($69-$120 US)
Rogue Weightlifting Shoe ($132 CAD)
Kanama Weightlifting Shoe ($123 CAD)
Adidas Weightlifting Shoes ($119-199 US)

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