Shoes and Bison

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One of these you can eat the other you cannot. Both of them can be yours though.

Shoes: Geoff from Fitness Town will be up Friday evening from 4:30-7:30 with Inov8s. Getting a great pair of shoes won’t get any easier than this. The 230s are the best shoes I’ve owned (hence why we set this up). They’re a great runner, and awesome for CrossFit. Both Heather and myself have been wearing only Inov8s since early in the spring. If you want to make sure a size coming up will fit you let me know your current shoe size.

Bison: YES! Here’s the link for all the info. We’ll submit our order on August 15th. Sign up on the sheet at the gym. We won’t collect any money for the Bison until it arrives. Mmmmmm delicious Bison.


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