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Has anyone seen the weather forecast for the rest of the week?!? amazing.

We have been watching the Saturday class schedule carefully to try to figure out what’s up… it’s the funniest day of the week for sure for cancellations and waitlists and such (we are still yet to see full classes Saturday mornings!). What we have learned is that people seem to want to come earlier than later. It doesn’t seem to matter what time the latest class is at… it is still the least popular. So what we are hearing is that you want to get in, get out and get on with your day.

Starting Sunday the 16th (remember no classes on Thanksgiving weekend) we will have classes as follows:

9:15am (used the be the 9 for those of you who pre-registered)
10:15am (used to be the 10)

The other thing that is important to mention to everyone is in regards membership. Everyone who has a current membership has an “active membership” designation in the system. If you disappear for more than a month this designation also disappears (this does not apply to people who are away and have let us know). As we only run Foundations now when there is space in regular classes, we will run them if the active membership numbers drop. What this means is that if you “disappear” for more than a month you may have to waitlist to return until the class numbers allow again. Without the active membership status you are unable to purchase passes or sign up for classes. You would obviously be ahead of brand new people, but may have to wait a short time if we were at capacity at that time.

Long and short of this is…. talk to us. Going away is no big deal, just let us know ahead of time.

Let us know if you have any questions about any of this!