Schedule Changes for Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th

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Just a couple of notable things about the schedule for next week…

1. On Thursday night (11th), the 6:45 Foundations class will be a #4 (monday’s), not a #3. The #3 will be at 8pm instead.

2. On Saturday the 13th, Jesse and I have tickets to the Ski Jumping (these are the only one’s we decided to keep) and have to be in the Callahan at 9:15am. We have cancelled the morning classes but have added a long open gym from 5-7pm, that will have a set WOD. You can show up anytime within that slot, warm-up and do the workout. Probably easiest if everyone doesn’t show up at 5! After that we will have round 3 of our potluck at the gym concept. Bring spouses, kids etc if you like.

p.s. Sorry about the cancellation of the morning classes

p.p.s. I made a bit of a mistake when I cancelled the first of the 3 classes…usually it defaults to canceling 1 day, but this time it accidently cancelled it for the rest of the year…so when i re-added it, people who were registered were no longer in there. I think this was mostly Rob, Krista, and CGB…sorry you guys, you will have to re-add yourselves.