Sausage Burgers and Homemade Jerky

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Courtesy of the Bickertons… this is a good one.


“Experiment gone amazingly well…Homemade Sausage Burgers.
375g ground pork mixed with 300g lean ground beef
2 eggs.
Salt and pepper
Few tablespoons of diced garden herbs: thyme, rosemary, parsley
Secret ingredient however, was 1/2 cup of homemade apple sauce (no suger, just stewed) mixed into meat etc.
Then whole thing made into burger patties.
Ate as lettuce wraps, with little more apple sauce, few other veggies and few strips of baked sweet potato. EFFING AMAZING. Enjoy!”


“Experment #2 of the weekend…oven-dried beef jerky for Nicola Bickerton to enjoy while working in the bush this week.
We bought a 3kg beef roast at Nester’s and asked the butcher to cut the whole thing up as thin as possible – worked out to about 1/8 inch thick slices.

We did a salt/pepper/smoked paprika rub on the beef and cut into 2 inch strips.
Strips were then laid over oven rack, oven preheated to 170F and tin foil laid on bottom rack (CRUCIAL as we found out).

Some research said 2-6 hrs, but it took basically all day (7+hrs) for the jerky to become dark brown and dehydtrated.

Passed the taste test – pretty dang good! The initial smell from the oven however almost made me throw up in my mouth a bit. Each slice lost about 2/3 its initial weight so 2 strips became roughly 1 block protein. Recommend roast be cut even more thinly for time and sanity.”

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