Saturday’s Classes

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This first section of the blog is the not fun logistical section. Read it and then move on to the fun part.

This Saturday we have waitlists of 3-5 people for all 4 classes. This would make it seem like we should add another class, which we are not at all opposed to doing, if Saturday demand is going up… BUT, in 2 years of Saturday classes we have seen waitlists of this size many many times and contemplated adding a 5th class, and yet we have never once had all 4 classes full when the day arrives (no exaggeration). Right now there are quite a few of you already registered in a class while waitlisted for another time, and there are a few of you on multiple waitlists, and some of you aren’t in any classes yet and 5th on the list. Unfortunately, we can’t bump it to 12 per class this time based on the programming (nope, no 10k run this week 🙁 )

Please do your best to remove yourself from any unwanted classes or waitlists as soon as you know you might be going away or not wanting to wake up early. Leaving it until the last minute Friday night, or worse, in the middle of the night, or EVEN worse, first thing in the morning just isn’t fair to anyone who is waiting. And if you are on a waitlist, make sure you are checking your emails because often a huge chain reaction starts after a single person cancels. We will definitely add another class if needed, but we aren’t going to unless we see all 4 classes are truly full.

Ok, fun part (I saw this on Ellen today):

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But while I was searching for that clip I came across another site. Usually it’s Jesse who campaigns to post videos/pictures that I would classify as less than appropriate for our business blog (it is the world wide web after all)… but this time I really just can’t help but want to share this link with you. It’s hysterical. I hope it makes you laugh.

Happy rainy Wednesday.