Saturday Sept. 11th 2010

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The weather has turned quite pleasant and the farm is a bustling place. The CrossFit Crew has begun to roll in. Last night Goose and Boz bunked up in Andrew and Danica’s “ensuite”, more on this later. This morning’s wedding WOD was a nice little grind. We all used cement blocks and the pasture for the run (fence included). After a fair bit of puzzling, we got a reasonably large straw bale overhead. We’ll post the pics as soon as we can find a cable (which probably means Tuesday). Have a great weekend all and enjoy the weather.

Warm up:

short run
air squat
broad jumps
50m running sideways (each direction)
50m backwards run
50m sprint (80%)
50m sprint (90%)
50m sprint (100%)

fully recover then…


7 rounds for time of:

400m Run
28 “Kettlebell Swings” (find an odd object that weighs… enough)


Find the heaviest odd object and lift it over head

Take pictures of all these things:)

Jesse & Heather

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