Saturday, Movember 5th: At home wod

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Compare to May 27th, 2011 at home wod 😉 Post comparisons to comments if you have them.

You may need to scour around your house/garage for objects… be creative

1. – Max hold plank on forearms

2. – Max hold hollow rock

3. For time:

400m run (gmaps pedometer works well for finding distances!)
40- weird object KB swings
30- lunges (pregnant gals squat to box or chair if you prefer)
20- pushups
10- handstand pushups or 10x 3 sec handstand hold (preggos shoulder press a creative object)
20- pushups
30- lunges
40- weird object KB swings
400m run

* Post max hold times, wod time and weird object with approximate weight to comments

Have fun!

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