Saturday, May 28th: On your own outdoor WOD

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Choose your own adventure….

Option 1: Chief Up (peak 1) for time. If you decide to do Up/Down for time as well as just up, note that it is a total time (including enjoying the view), not just a combination of your up and down times (i.e the fastest possible up/down time would mean just touching the top rock and heading straight back down)

Option 2: Alice lake bike trails for time: This is an easy fun route for beginners and can be followed up with other harder trails if you want a little more after!

Start at the top of Perth Road, take lumberjacks (heads north of perth 200m below the culdesac) to Jacks Trail, north on Jacks, around the east side of Alice lake through the campground and up to the main road, turn right and go up until you get to the yellow gate and turn right onto this dirt access road and follow Bob McIntosh trail Rock n’ Roll to the top of Rob’s and Cliff’s Corners…. there is a great map of the specifics of this on the Test of Metal site. After the corners take the Mashiter south to Roller Coaster and then you are back where to started. Most of you could do this with your eyes closed, but for those of you that don’t bike much and want to see a little of the Squamish trails I would highly recommend giving this a go! There will be lots of people out if you need a little extra help with directions.

Option 3: For the pregnant gals…. see how you feel, I would suggest a hike in Alice Lake area… choose your own degree of difficulty!

Whatever you choose to do for today’s wod, the point is to go play outside for a bunch of hours rain or shine.

Post times/routes/interesting findings to comments!

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