Saturday June 25th, A Day of Strength.

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This Saturday CrossFit Squamish will be hosting a day of strength. On the list of attendees are some of the best CrossFitters this province has to offer. This is the email I sent out:

“Hello all,

Most of you I’ve already spoken to regarding an informal day of strength on June 25th, but of those of you I haven’t here’s the low down:

Where: CrossFit Squamish (38922 Mid Way, Squamish)
When: Saturday June 25th high noon
What’s the go: We’ll spend the afternoon lifting sh*t (atlas stones, strongman log, farmers carry, axle bar, kegs, etc), and pushing it as well (prowlers).
Who’s invited: those who really like lifting
What about the meat: We’ve got a in house BBQ specialist runnin’ the grill (meat cost/person yet to be determine)
What should you bring: Cloths to lift in, weather dependant we’ll be outside.”

If you’re keen post to comments that you’re in and I’ll add you to the list. If you’d like to play but would prefer a little more coaching on these movements, Saturday mornings classes will be the same with a little more guidiance than the afternoon. You can also just show up in the afternoon to check it out. But, if you’re planning on eating meat post to comments so we can get Cliff an accurate number.

Also, FItness Town will be up on Saturday afternoon with a full cart of Inov8 shoes, so this is your chance if you’re looking for a sweet new pair of sneaks.

Sounds like a pretty good living to me. Check out the other Planet Fitness commercials if you’ve got a minute.


Note on Loggers Sports: You are more than invited to come down and play without any pressure of doing something you don’t want to, or having to compete. Let’s be honest, did you ever think you would throw an axe, set a choke, or burl? Don’t miss a cool opportunity.