Saturday, June 11th

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Hi folks. Just a few community updates for you…

1. Last night a few of us went to see CGB in the play “Time Flies” featured at A Night of Comedy at the Brackendale Art Gallery. It was VERY funny and CGB did a phenomenal job. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt. There are still two more nights with her in it; June 16th and June 18th. Tickets are available at The Adventure Centere and Billy’s Boutique.

2. Test of Metal next weekend. Don’t forget to go and support if you are around. Jesse and I are working the finish line so come say hi (funny we keep getting volunteer jobs where we have to yell a lot and corral large numbers of people). If you suddenly have realized that you don’t have any commitments next weekend I’m sure they would be happy for more volunteers (see previous post).


We did it at CrossFit Whistler and the showing was superb… and now it’s time here. We aren’t quite at short shorts Friday’s weather (soon!!) so we will kick off the summer season on Friday, June 24th with Inappropriate T-shirt Friday. There is a lot of flexibility in your interpretation of this one.

not fitting or appropriate; unsuitable or untimely”

It can be inappropriate in language, content, style, size etc…. anything goes really, it doesn’t have to be limited to just plain rude shirts. There will be a prize for the top male and female participant (gauged on the crowd’s reaction to your presentation of it during class warm up).

A quick google images search of “inappropriate t-shirt” should give you an idea of how high the bar has been set.

Have a great weekend, enjoy the sun(ny breaks).


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