Saturday, July 30th WOD

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Drum roll………..

For time:

CHIEF UP (only) to first peak (insert groans and complaints here). Ok, now pause, take a breath, and do what you do with every other wod that you are either a) afraid of or b) don’t particularly love the sound of: warm up and go get it done. It’s going to be beautiful out tomorrow and it’s probably been a while since you’ve been up high in Squamish to take a look and see how beautiful and lush the valley is looking these days (thank you day after day after endless day of rain). Take a water bottle and a snack so you can hang out and enjoy the top before coming back down. We have a leader board square that is in need of more names. Right now as a woman you could take all day to get up there and make the leader board. Guys you might have to work a little harder for the glory spot. If you are really keen you can do “up/down” as well but that doesn’t mean stopping your watch while you are up there and restarting it when you are ready to come down, it’s a continuously running clock.

My recommendation is to go up before 9am or after 7pm and beat the parade of flip flops, walking poles, and various styles of dogs and dog owners (might I also mention that if all these people can do it, and only a tiny handful get heli-evaced off the trail, then you definitely can do it). Sunday is also an option. If you want to have a quick email or text message banter about why you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do it (because this is a normal and comforting part of your warm-up), feel free, we are all ears as per usual 😉

Have fun!