Saturday, January 2…2010!

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Jesse and I were commenting last night that it’s hard to believe that we have only been open for 11 weeks. You guys are the foundation of our CrossFit community. We are just starting to realize that our little CrossFit gym is growing up. You guys are a million times more confident than you were 10 weeks ago and your efforts are putting out some impressive results. People are starting to frequently comment about how people around them are getting stronger and looking great. What is making our gym turn into such an amazing community is how much you guys support each other.

We opened the new year yesterday with a Football Total (1RM power clean, backsquat, bench press, deadlift). It seemed like a good measure to start the new year and we plan to make it an annual tradition. Nice work on your 205 deadlift Jen (I heard from a few people today how impressed they were with your effort). Thanks to the girls in my group for the photo opps during the bench press (be glad I didn’t post them).

No other real updates for now…. I think we are all riding out the gigantic sugar crash.

Watch this video and imagine if you will….how horrendously wrong this would go in Squamish.

Although… if any of you historically have been proficient in high heels, I’m sure that has now been ruined by us training you to keep your weight on your heels.


p.s. To those of you in my 9am class today: do all the stretches I showed you again tomorrow as your rest day homework.