Saturday, January 16th, 2010

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Hope you guys had a great day in the sun.

To start, we want to say thank you for your patience with all the changes as we grow. We do everything we can to make things as smooth as possible. Please know that we are constantly monitoring the flow of things, trying to make the best decisions that we can, and offer you guys the most efficient system possible.

One of the biggest changes that we have coming up is that I am officially leaving my Massage Therapy practice in Whistler at the end of this month (some of you may not have known that I was still commuting 3 days a week to sustain this practice). When we first opened our space here we expected that things would grow slowly in terms of the gym and my massage practice (most would say that opening a new business in a recession is a terrible plan). I thought that I would stay working in Whistler for a year or so. That is clearly not the case, and I’ve been finding it difficult to leave here 3 days a week. It’s been a strange transition as I currently feel like I am “breaking up” with many of my Whistler people that I have worked closely with for the last 3 years. But it is time, and I’m ready to put 100% of my energy into working with people here (my output is running at about 125% right now!).

With that will come changes in the class and the massage therapy schedule. The massage schedule will essentially become more open. I will also be able to take over a few more of the classes throughout the week. It is yet to be determined how Jesse and I will distribute ourselves. What we have decided already though is…

1. New times for the morning classes starting February 1st. The 6:15am class will start at 6:00am (sharp I might add!), and the 7:30am class will start at 7:00am. We recognize that a lot of you need to do your classes in the morning and many of you had told us that a 6am and a 7am would help! Anyone who was registered for the 6:15 on or after Feb.1 is now scheduled in the 6am and whoever was in the 7:30am is in the 7am. Change it if you need to.

2. The other change starts on Jan. 29th. There will be a 5:30pm and a 6:45pm rather than just a 6pm (who knew that going to the gym on a Friday night would be such a hot option). Anyone who was registered for the 6pm on or after this date is now in the 5:30pm. Again, change it if you need to!

And now for something a little more inspiring… Chris forwarded me the link to this blog post from his brother Adrian’s gym in San Francisco. The video in this blog post is Kelly Starrett’s (other owner) daughter. The message is clear and the delivery quite cute:

Have a good rest day!