Saturday Jan. 9th 2010

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Hopefully you felt the instruction you received this morning was better than that of the German Coast Guard.

Excellent work over the last 7 days, we’ve covered a lot of new info and you’ve all picked it up quickly. The Overhead Squats are looking much better than they did even 3 days ago. As you may know I’ve been looking forward to today for a little while; I hope you all found the hour useful, and took a reasonable bit away from the class. As a follow up, I’ve linked videos from Catalyst Athletic of the Snatch Balance Series as well as the Snatch itself and a couple variants. I’ve also linked the CrossFit Journal PDF on the Burgener Warm up. Have a look if you have time.

Snatch Balance Series

Overhead Squat
Pressing Snatch Balance
Heaving Sntach Balance
Snatch Balance

Hang Power Snatch
Hang Snatch