Saturday April 10th 2010

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Warm up:

10: Standing Lunge
20: Good Mornings
10: Broad Jumps
800m light run
100m at 80%, jog until recovered
100m at 90%, jog until recovered
100m at 100%, jog until recovered

Fully recover than begin WOD


For time:

5km Run; Start at the front door of the gym, head out to the stop sign and turn left. Go down one street then turn left onto Production way. Production way will spit you out onto Queens Way (turn left). Follow Queens Way to Cleveland Ave (turn left). Cleveland Ave to the highway (turn left). The Highway to Industrial Ave (turn left). Industrial Ave to Mid Way (turn left). Go around the lookers right side of our building to finish at the back door. Giddi up.

Looking for something a little more off road:

The Chief up and or up/down: Search back in the blog to March 6th for the official start/stops. Bring us home some fast times!

Looking for something a little more high stakes:

Play tag with a security guard and bring us the video. We’ll blog it as soon as.

Times posted to comments for these WODs will be put up on the leaderboard upon our return.

Jesse and Heather

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