Saint Valentines Heartthrob Results

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Congratulations to everyone who came in and hit the workout on Valentines day. It was a great time and I enjoyed the variations on strategy and planning. You’re probably going to be a little tender tomorrow;). Stretch/roll/mobilize. Without further adieu here’s how it broke down:

1. Matt and Mel-z (936)
2. Slater and Tanya (900)
3. Kevin and Karen (862)
4. Brad and Taylor (855)
5. Fraser and Jamie (835)
Sean and Kathleen (819)
Duke and Ellen (813)
Frenchy and Jo (801)
Matt L and Tonya (798)
Parky and Daphne (793)
Scott and Krystle (763)
Cliff and Jen (711)
Clint and Kristy (704)
Rick and Shliz (697)
James and Lindsay (666)
Ammo and Cammo (638)

So… We’ve had a couple people step forward and very generously add to the prizes. Sean from Nesters Market (like Nesters Market on Facebook) very kindly added a mens and women’s pair of snow shoes, and Mats added two pairs of mens headphones (Marshal Major and Minors) and 2 pairs of women’s headphone (Urbanears Medis and Platten). A bunch of us just got these and they are definitely the best headphones I’ve ever owned. Check out the websites: Mashall Headphones and Urbanears.

So, thanks to Nesters and Mats the prizes are as follows:

4 Pairs of badass headphones (2 mens, 2 women’s)
2 pairs of snow shoes (1 mens, 1 women’s)
$80 cash
$50 cash
$30 cash

Each of the top 4 spots will get to pick there prize (in order of placement) and 5th will get the remaining prize (which probably means $30, WHICH is a 300% return on your investment for 30 minutes of work, aaaaamazing). Most importantly we hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed workout out with their partner.
Thanks (as always) to the people who were willing to come in and judge on Valentines day out of the goodness of there hearts, it’s very much appreciated (no CrossFit event happens without you).

Jesse and Heather

note: it’s late and Heathers gone to sleep so this post has gone up without “proper” editing:)

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