Running Mechanics Day 1

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Watch 2 of the follow 3 videos:

Homework skills to do before next class (yes, these are the same drills we did today):

1. Set up the Figure 4 position:
Head neutral
Head, Shoulders, Hips, and ball of foot are in a straight line
Relaxed face and shoulders
Elbows bent to 90 degrees
Spine neutral
Knee of the support foot slightly bent with the weight on the ball of the foot (not the toes) and the heel lightly contacting the ground
The non support leg can have a greater bend in the knee with the foot just off the ground (heel in line to be pulled towards the bum)

*your body should feel elastic and ready to move

2. Single Leg Pulls (back to the wall): In the Figure 4 position with the heel of your support leg 6″ from the wall complete 2×20 single leg pulls (on each leg). Focus on lifting the heel straight up towards your bum using the hamstring, then relaxing that leg and letting it fall back to the floor.

3. Change of Support (facing the wall): In the Figure 4 with both hands on the wall practise pulling the support leg (increase speed as you get more comfortable). Make sure you’re use the Hamstring to pull the support foot, and pay attention to how much movement you have in the upper body (should be limited).

4. Single Leg pulls (with forward movement): From the Figure 4 position lean forward slightly and pull your supporting leg. 5 each leg then switch feet (5 rounds).

See you tomorrow,


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