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Ali just sent me the email copied below, as one of her good friends is part owner of the Rootdown Farm. Unfortunately the CSA program doesn’t apply to Squamish residents, but if you are a fan of pork then you might be interested in the Pig Share Program!

“Hi All,
The Rootdown Farm crew here, getting back into the swing of spring up here in the Pemberton Meadows. The mass of snow is starting to melt, we have just planted the first seeds in the greenhouse and our new baby chicks have arrived (to see cute, fluffy pics, go to our website The farm is starting to crank back into action.

The purpose of this email is to notify you of two of our upcoming summer programs. One is our weekly subscription vegetable box, or CSA and the other is our Pig Share program. Below is some information about each and attached to this email are the application forms which contain all the nitty, gritty details. Of note, the Vegetable CSA program is for residents of Whistler and Pemberton only, while the Pig Share extends to Squamish and the Vancouver/Lower Mainland area also.

If you are from Squamish or Vancouver and wish to access our tasty produce and are disappointed you can’t sign up for our CSA, do not fear, please do visit us at`the Squamish Farmers Market (Saturdays) and Kitsilano Farmers Market (Sundays). See our website for detailed dates.

Weekly Vegetable CSA Box

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”, a term that has come to represent a range of pre-paid subscriptions programs for farm produce. Generally customers, or CSA “members”, sign up in the spring by paying in advance for a weekly box, or “share”, of produce to be delivered over the course of the season.

The Rootdown CSA
Rootdown Organic Farm is pleased to offer a CSA program to our local communities of Pemberton and Whistler. As a member in our CSA you will receive a weekly delivery of fresh, high-quality, organic produce from our farm in the Pemberton Meadows.

How long is the program?
Our CSA runs for 15 weeks, from approximately June 30 – October 6. The quantity of produce in a share is intended to feed 2+ adults for one week. That is, two adults and perhaps a few children or some dinner guests.

How much does it cost?
Each week we will include a variety of at least $25 worth of produce in a share, which comes to $375 for 15 weeks. A $100 deposit is due by April 30 and the $275 balance is due by May 30. Please download the attached application form for all details.

Rootdown Pig Share Program

What is a Pig Share?
In a pig share customers, or “share holders”, commit to purchasing a whole or half pig in the spring by making a deposit. The farmer can then put the deposit toward the cost of raising the pig. In the fall the remaining cost is paid when the pig is butchered and delivered.

Rootdown Pigs
Rootdown Organic Farm is excited to be raising 10 Tamworth pigs this year. Tamworths are an endangered heritage breed that is renowned for producing excellent bacon! This year we will be selling whole or half pig shares to residents of Pemberton, Whistler, Squamish and Vancouver.

When & where do I pick up my pig?
The pigs are usually slaughtered in early October and ready for delivery a couple weeks later (time is needed for butchering, curing and smoking the different cuts). When they are ready the pigs will be delivered frozen to drop-off spots in Vancouver, Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton.

How much pork is in a share?
A half pig (1 side) is about enough pork for two adults for one year. Each share will receive a variety of cuts and cures including bacon, sausage, hams and pork chops.

What does it cost?
We require a deposit of $150 by the end of April, then the final payment will depend upon the weight of the pigs at butchering time based on $6.50lb. Please open the application attached to this email for a more detailed breakdown.

The Best Part?
You are always welcome to come and meet your pigs as they frolic our green fields!

We look forward to hearing from you soon,
Simone, Niki and Sarah.”

Post to comments if you are interested in this and are looking for others to go in on it with.