Road Trip Sunday?

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CrossFit Whistler is having their grand opening this Sunday (Dec.2nd) and have invited us up for a workout/hangout/makeout (maybe not the makeout part). The plan is to make this the first of a more regularly scheduled get together to WOD. Info:

Where: CrossFit Whistler (Function Junction)

Here’s the link to Jordans post

Time: 12:30-4:30

What kind of workout(s): There will be two workouts, comprised of mixed pairs. This will be both guy/girl combo and Squamish/Whistler combo. You can do either or both WODs.

Carpool: we’ll meet at the gym at high noon on Sunday and carpool up (I think there’s about 10 of us going so far)

Should be a fun afternoon and good community all around. Just let me know if you’re in and we won’t leave without you.


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