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If you haven’t already seen these two videos, they’ve gone viral on Facebook the last couple days, you’re like, so totally behind.

In the wide world of the CrossFit Games:

Regionals for Western Canada will be held at Thunderbird Stadium on May 27th, 28th, 29th and you really should come check it out. See the blog post from May 5th.

Regionals and Games Prize Money Announcement.

Sounds like the word via Heather, via Facebook is that the WODs for Regionals will be announced on Thursday May 19th.

Top 2 70’s Big FAQs (in my opinion):

In reference to getting “70’s Big”:

How much do I need to eat?
1) More

2) There is an old business adage, “don’t dress for a job you have; dress for the job you want.” Apply this to your eating. If you want to be 215, you need to eat for 215, not for your 165 pound sprint-Tri doing self. You won’t get 70’s Big by pushing bird seed around your plate at your local hippy bistro. Start with 125-150% of what you’re eating now and see how that goes for a couple weeks.

I can’t eat all the food. Can’t I just train harder?
Eating is training. Beowulf had Grendel. We have Mongolian and Chinese buffets. If you don’t have at least one dining experience every couple of weeks that resembles an epic struggle worthy of telling over beers, you’ll be putting from the rough for the foreseeable future.

We understand that eating for size and strength, especially if you have a high metabolism, is not easy. The body is very good at adjustment to small increases in caloric consumption. You may have to double your current intake to make appreciable gains. That’s why the gallon of whole milk a day works so well for the lean guys.”

Note: If you’re a 215# athlete who should actually be a 165# athlete the above information is still applicable but the direction and process should be reversed 🙂 That said, stay away from the bird seed.

Things you should probably keep an eye out for as you may need them in the next month or so…. Fridays are comin’ back:

1. Vintage shirt
2. Inappropriate shirt (Cliff stop reading here…)
3. And of course… short shorts (hopefully this one will happen this season given the current state of affairs)


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