Remebrance Day 2013

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This year I’m writing my Remembrance Day post from O’ahu. I had the opportunity today to spend the morning at Pearl Harbor and listen to one of the older staff at the memorial talk about the attack that happened on the morning of Dec. 7th 1941. The question I left with is the same question that I often ask about myself and our generation: How can we possibly compare ourselves or live up to the expectations of our father’s fathers? We’ve had no Great War, Great Depression, or environment to harden us. We think of ourselves at tough guys and call ourselves men, but almost none of us have ever had to prove this. We’re a generation of tech, lifestyle comforts, and social media concerns. These are luxuries that the previous generations have afforded us. We didn’t earned them ourselves. I guess the thing to remember on a day like today is we owe the generations that went to war for us: a tip of the hat, a minute of silence, and a life lived with gratitude for the things and people we have in our lives, respect, and honor.

Our lives are easy, don’t take them for granted.


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